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03 August 2020
San Miguel
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The Hamlet of La Hoya
Publicado: Sat 22 Dec 2012

The Hamlet of La Hoya is a good example of the different elements that make up a rural village in the southern mid-altitude land. Located beside the road and close to the springs, La Hoya is believed to be the oldest hamlet in the municipality. Its houses are grouped together around the structures that reflect farming life in the past, such as terraced farmland supported by dry stones walls (without any mortar) and threshing floors where the grain was beaten every summer.


The Tile Oven presides over the entrance to La Hoya . This oven made most of tiles that were used to roof the traditional houses in the vicinity. In time, making handmade tiles stopped being a profitable venture and the oven fell into disuse. Its restoration ensures the conservation of one of the key elements of Tenerife´s traditional architectural heritage

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