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12 July 2020
San Miguel
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Inauguration of the new Office of Information and Tourism San Miguel de Abona
Publicado: Mon 07 May 2012

This new project had an investment of 370,000 Euros, is complemented by a space focused on culture and heritage.

This Friday has opened a new Office of Information and Tourism San Miguel de Abona, which has an adjoining space that will be focused on promoting culture and heritage and that opens with the name of Cultural Space Bridge , referring to the popular name was given long ago to the area. The event was chaired by the Mayor and Councillor for Tourism, Valentin Gonzalez and Flores Candelaria, respectively, in addition to the presence of Government Sub in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Guillermo Diaz Guerra and different hotel representatives.

This new office stems from the rehabilitation of a house in the early twentieth century rectangular body with a plant height and a basement, which is located in the heart of "Historic" sanmiguelero, new construction and expansion and, for that was funded by the State Fund for Employment and Local Sustainability, amounting to 367,000 euros.Valentin Gonzalez stated that "the rehabilitation of housing has been made with exquisite neatness, bearing in mind that is within a historic area that has recently been declared a cultural as well as the tourist office has a space expansion with new development where there is a large multipurpose room for meetings, conferences, workshops, etc. .. and the possibility of compartmentalized in several areas through mobile panel systems". Rehabilitation is based primarily on rescuing the old house as part of the environment in which it is, in addition to an extension that would serve to house many of the activities that will eventually produce. Meanwhile, Candelaria Flores noted that "from now on San Miguel de Abona has a new service aimed at both tourists and sanmiguelera community and to get to know every single corner and entertainment opportunities offered to us our municipality".

This opens up a new service that complements the long-established office in the tourist area of ​​the municipality, specifically Golf del Sur, in this case, and facing the tourist group visiting San Miguel de Abona along the year, from this new office will attempt to give greater impetus to those cultural and entertainment that until now have not been sufficiently exploited, as well as continuing to promote Costa San Miguel.

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Meeting with the CEO of Tourism in San Miguel de Abona
Publicado: Thu 03 May 2012

Since the consistory is to make tourism more encompassing cultural and sportingaspects.

The CEO of Tourism, Miguel Angel Santos, recently met with the Mayor and the Councillor for Tourism San Miguel de Abona, Valentin Gonzalez and Flores Candelariarespectively. The reason, take action in the municipality that are focused on increasedtourism in the room with those aspects that go beyond the hotel industry. The meetingincluded a tour of the historic center of San Miguel, declared last April of cultural interest, with the aim of showcasing the heritage with which the municipality and the desire of the hotels involved visits by organized groups.

Valentin Gonzalez commented that "although it is doing a joint promotion of the islandsuggest a wider diffusion of San Miguel, as it is the only municipality of the island withtwo golf courses, marina and motocross circuit in addition to its plant alojativa ". Meanwhile, Candelaria Flores referred to the new tourism office, located in the historicsanmiguelero, adding that "this office will attempt to provide visitors to San Miguel the chance to know those aspects that are more cultural in nature, taking into that in the last Full Council urged the Government to assess canary qualitative aspects of San Miguel to be considered Tourist Town. "

On behalf of the council has convened a second meeting in which assistance will beprovided for technical staff and the Minister of Tourism, Carlos Alonso, which is to be the central theme of future San Blas beach and commissioning strategies to promote tourism in the municipality.

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