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Ayntamiento de San Miguel de Abona
San Miguel de Abona
03 August 2020
San Miguel
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Publicado: Thu 24 Mar 2011

The origins of the municipality of San Miguelde Abona go back to the guanches of the Menceyato or Bando de Abona, settled in this town, and whose traces have been discovered in the caves of the ravine of La Orchilla, Uchova, or sites such as the Oratory of Guargacho.

The Bando de Abona was founded towards the year 1445 and covered fromChasnaRiver, border with Adeje, up to the ravine of Erques, frontier with Güímar. This was under the mandate of ATGUAXONA, son of AXERAX or also known as Gran Tinerfe, King of Tenerife.

Although there are not precise data on the origin of San Miguel, we must mention certain theories that are considered in this regard. Although there are several opinions, most experts give El Pago de la Hoya the honour of being the first settlement in the township (others include the current neighborhood of the Zocas).

There is proof of the construction of the primitive Hermitage of San Miguel Arcángel in the mid-17TH century by the neighbors, perhaps in 1655. Its construction demonstrates that by these dates already existed a population contingent and economic prosperity important enough to promote this founding and thus avoiding the stressful transfers to Vilaflor - where the parish church - to listen to mass and bury their deceased.

The town grew around the new temple and, above all, along theRoyal Roadin direction of the villages ofla Hoya and Valle  SanLorenzo. New buildings were emerging on both sides of the street, so ended up setting up an urban conglomerate with a linear layout.

It was in 1796 when began to exist as a parish independent of Vilaflor, since San Miguel was a under the authority of this borough since 1770. "The economic and demographic decadence of the town ofVilaflor de Chasnasince the mid-18th century involved a growth of a huge craving for self-administration by the increasingly influential bourgeoisie of Arona and San Miguel, former neighborhoods of Vilaflor."

As result of such segregationist cravings, the neighborhood of Arona and San Miguel  managed to found  parishes independent of Vilaflor , the hermitages of San Antonio Abad in Arona and San Miguel Arcángel in the village of the same name"

The consolidation of San Miguel as the urban core does not take place till the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th.




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