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Ayntamiento de San Miguel de Abona
San Miguel de Abona
03 August 2020
San Miguel
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Publicado: Thu 30 Aug 2012

Everywhere on Tenerife it´s basically eaten the same. Tenerife´s cuisine combines traditional Spanish recipes with african and latin-american influences. Thus ,in the different restaurants and houses of San Miguel de Abona you can taste the delicious and simple Canarian food.

 A very simple and well-known recipe is Papas Arrugadas, potatoes boilt in salt-water without peeling them and served with Mojo picon, a hot sauce of oil, garlic, chili-peppers and paprika. Each chef de cuisine keeps in secret jalously the detailed recipe of his Mojo. Those sauces are indispensable components of many other typical dishes as well, for instance of the famous Mojo Cochino, a ragout of pork.

 Another classic that is on  the table of all sanmiguelero is gofio. It was invented by the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands, as the main staple of their diet. It is a stoneground flour made from roasted cereals: wheat, barley, maiz, ... Gofio is used by Canarians in many recipes: it can be added to soups, stews, desserts, sauces, and even ice cream. It is, to give an example, typically served with Morcillas Dulces, sweet blood sausages which are made of pork blood, sugar, almonds and raisins.

 There are also goat milk , goat cheese, goat stew, the fish like jarea (sama), the Octopus, vieja,  rabbit in salmorejo, rancho canario, vegetable stew and especially 'the pringo or fritango',.

  With regard to the pastries, we should make mention of   rosquetes de vino, tortas chasneras, dedos de santo, etc and other cakes of great local success that can be purchased in different bakeries and patisseries in the municipality.

  Exotic fruits are the base of several excellent desserts and sweets. Platanos Fritos, fried bananas, are in great demand.

 Among the islands' wines you should try the wines of San Miguel, with denomination of origin „Abona“ .Marqués de Fuentes, Viña Tamaide or Chasnero.


Another of the islands' alcoholic specialities is Honey-Rum

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