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Ayntamiento de San Miguel de Abona
San Miguel de Abona
12 July 2020
San Miguel
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Canarian Wrestling
Publicado: Mon 27 Aug 2012

Wrestlers start in the middle of a sand circle, called "terrero". The object is to make their opponent touch the sand with any part of their body, except the feet. To accomplish this, they use different techniques called "mañas" to throw their opponent off balance. Two falls are required to win a bout. A match ends when all the members of one team have been defeated.


"Mañas", moves, or a series of moves, can be divided in three groups


The wrestler may grasp any part of the opponent's body to try to un-balance and knock down the opponent


The wrestler can block a move by his opponent, and use his strength to un-balance his opponent.


The wrestler can move his body to deflect a move by his opponent, and use the opponent's strength to un-balance him.

Illegal Moves

Punching, hitting and strangling are not permitted.

Imágenes Multimedia
Canarian stick fighting
Publicado: Mon 27 Aug 2012

The Canarian stick fighting (Juego del Palo Canario) is a combat with sticks between two players who indicate, (marcan) and defend retained strikes avoiding hurting each other.

Canary stick game is a very ancient art of the Canary Islands’ popular culture. A fight with sticks with more than 400 years of history. From the first aborigines, through lots of generations of shepherds and peasants who inhabited these islands, this art has remained the same in the nucleus of various family clans.

Acosta family members inherited this practice from their ancestors, who already used the stick on the year 1800. Since then, they have become pioneers of this characteristic style: the ‘Acosta de Tenerife’ traditional short stick style, considered as one of the quickest and hardest styles.

If you like weapon-fight arts, now you have the opportunity to travel in time and get a closer look of this discipline which surely will surprise you.

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